Spring and summer tend to be the busiest for real estate, but fall has some unique perks. Here are 7 reasons why fall is really the best time to buy.

  1. Sellers are anxious. Everyone wants to be settled in for the holiday season and sellers are no exception. Especially if they’ve been on the market since spring, there’s ample opportunity for you to find a deal.

  1. Less competition. Fewer buyers are on the prowl because they are putting the search on hold until the new year or have already purchased a home. Buyers with kids are especially prone to staying put post august to avoid any unnecessary complications during the school year.

  1. Renovations. When you buy a home, it’s only natural to want to make it your own. If you buy in the fall, you have the winter months to make all the changes you want without missing out on warm weather. You shouldn’t have to choose between updating the bathroom and a day trip to the beach!

  1. Home improvement deals. History indicates that fall is a great time to procure home improvement deals (including TVs and major appliances). Check out Consumer Reports for the best time to buy just about anything.

  1. Investment property. Not only can you take advantage of long winter days to complete renovations, but you can also pat yourself on the back for having the perfect amount of time before you list in the spring. Not to mention, if your renovation timeline goes a little long, you still get to list in the summer months.

  1. Tax deductions. Purchase a home by the end of the year and you get to claim it on your taxes. What’s not to like?

  1. Quality time with your real estate team. Fewer buyers means more spare time for your agent, loan officer, title company, inspector, etc. I will always make time for you, but it’s easier to advocate on your behalf when the entire industry is less inundated with negotiations and closings. Take advantage!


All this to say, don’t fret if you haven’t found your future home yet! You may have just found yourself at the perfect place at the perfect time. And if you’re considering an investment property, now’s the time to hunt!




*The contents of this post are intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice or opinions.