Maintaining your home is a lot of work, but it can save you time and money in the long run. A prime example is cleaning out your gutters. It’s an easy task to forget or put off because you don’t see the results like you do after mowing the lawn or planting a garden. However, if it’s put off long enough, you may experience a dreaded consequence.

No one likes to come home and find a wet basement full of damaged belongings. As a real estate agent, I come across the wet basement issue on a regular basis and here’s what I’ve learned. The number one cause of wet basements is faulty/clogged gutters. While this is still a bummer, your wet basement may be easier to fix (and prevent) than you may have thought.

We all know that gutters are designed to carry water from your roof to the ground, away from your house. However, if the gutters are clogged, too small, or not installed properly, the water can overflow and fall right at your foundation. Over time, the pressure from pooled water can create small cracks in the foundation and erode the soil around your house, which creates a wet basement.

So don’t panic. Clean your gutters on a regular basis (spring and fall are best) or hire someone to complete routine maintenance. Observe your gutters during a heavy rain. Do they overflow? Does the downspout lead far enough from your house (10 ft minimum)?

The solution to your wet basement could be as easy as cleaning out your gutters. It’s been on your to do list long enough anyway so hopefully I’ve convinced you to make it a priority.


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